Furoshiki is Japanese for cloth wrapping.  Zero Waste Kultures version of Furoshiki takes waste fabrics sourced through charity organisations and reinvigorates them into resusable, functional wrapping paper.


Traditionally Furoshiki remains the property of the person who gives the gift, but up to you, it can keep on being circulated or you can keep it to wrap all your presents forever.


Each wrap is 40 cm x 40 cm and are reversible, so you can choose which side you feature when wrapping.  


Please note when purchasing which wrap you are after.


SKU: FFW 001
  • You can wash your Fukoshiki by hand.  Use cold water and natural soaps.  Dry flat to avoid any marks from pegs etc.

    Made from cotton and sewn with polycotton thread.  Tags are 100% cotton.

    When you are finished with your Fukoshiki, pass it on, keep it circulating.  You can also use it as a scarf for your neck, headband, and when you are fully done, please ensure you compost or dispose of the fabric in an environmentally friendly way.